1Does ACE offer anesthesia billing services?
ACE does not provide full-service anesthesia billing/revenue cycle services. However, our services do include the assignment of ASA and ICD-10-compliant coding. ACE assists practices in educating and auditing of anesthesia providers to ensure compliance with Medicare rules and regulations, adherence to correct coding and documentation, maximization of reimbursement, and monitoring of improvements. We can also assist with the evaluation of billing services that the group may be utilizing.
2Does ACE have sound knowledge of Medicare and Medicaid documentation and billing requirements?
We audit to ensure compliance with the National Correct Coding Guidelines, AMA Standards, Guidelines published by CMS, or individual carrier guidelines. Recommendations are given with a backup of the published rules. All state-specific information is gathered via web access prior to the engagement. We will review any specific guidance that you may have obtained to justify billing while we are on site. ACE has developed protocols based on thirteen years of experience in reviewing and educating on Medicare documentation and billing requirements. All of the auditors have national speaking experience on specific topics of expertise.
3Should I engage ACE through an attorney?
We do recommend that clients engage our services through an attorney, and place all work under ‘Attorney-Client Privilege’, though it is the client’s choice whether to do so or not.
4How experienced are the consultants that work for ACE?
All of our ACE auditors have over 20 years of anesthesia and business development experience in their particular areas of expertise -- billing, coding, and practice management-- and all have specialty certifications. ACE utilizes a team approach to our engagements, specific requests for auditors will be accommodated as feasible, and there will always be at least one lead auditor assigned to a project.

The Coding Division consists of coders who have in-depth knowledge of anesthesia coding, averaging more than 10 years of actual anesthesia coding experience. The coders are mentored by an internal audit staff that conducts quarterly audits to ensure accuracy and compliance along with continuing education.
5How often should you be reviewing or auditing your coding processes?
First, look at your compliance plan to see what it says. If you haven't had an audit in the past two years, it's time. Contact the ACE Team to schedule a free consultation.