Anesthesia & Pain Management Compliance Auditors


Auditing for Compliance and Education, Inc. – Services

During uncertain times we know how important it is for providers to get the reimbursement that they deserve while staying abreast of the complex billing and coding compliance rules.  With new classes of enforcement taking form such as R.A.C. and H.E.A.T., one thing is certain; government enforcement will continue, if not increase.  As the crusade against healthcare fraud continues, compliance and education is exceedingly important.  The chance of an audit or recoupment letter by a carrier has increased.  Here is one more acronym to commit to memory that makes the word “audit” a little less of an unsettling word:  A.C.E. – Auditing for Compliance and Education, Inc.

ACE offers an array of services as a compliance partner to anesthesia and pain management practices across the country which include the following: