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Anesthesia coding services to fit your needs

ACE's anesthesia coding services professionals have a “do it right the first time” mentality, reducing denials and time spent managing them, ensuring accuracy, and maximizing your revenue. ACE’s coding division processes more than 50,000 cases each month with 90 percent accuracy to ensure compliance with federal regulations and billing coding requirements. 

ACE's anesthesia coding services are available for turnkey production coding, short-term engagements to cover for time off or catch-up on backlogs, and an AI-driven automated coding platform.

With the ACE coding team, you’ll get:


EXPERTISE: ACE has a sterling reputation for being experts in our industry.  When you become an ACE coding client, you get access to valuable industry leaders to answer your compliance and billing questions. ACE coders must have at least six years of experience in anesthesia coding and pass a rigorous coding entrance exam with 90% or greater accuracy. 


HIPAA: ACE understands the importance of HIPAA regulations and works with clients to ensure compliance. All coders are US-based and work in a secure, virtual, desktop-controlled environment. ACE team members attend annual HIPAA and compliance training.


AUDITING: ACE internal auditing is done when a client is initially set up and then quarterly to ensure a 90% or higher coding accuracy rate. As a result, clients see a significant reduction in denials. Audit results are provided to the client to demonstrate compliance with regulations.


CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY: Being in business with an anesthesiologist who founded a tech company has its perks! Our team utilizes the Claim Maker to process claims, teaching the system how to code anesthesia services via artificial intelligence. With our human coders and's technology, together we are developing awesome technology to streamline coding efficiencies.

A Commitment to excellence

ACE's President of Services Kayla Lee shares what sets the ACE coding team apart. From experience and cutting-edge technology to a focus on accuracy and regular auditing, ACE's experienced team can meet your coding needs.


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Access industry-leading healthcare revenue cycle software integrated anesthesia document management, coding assistance, and automated data entry for efficient claim generation and maximal reimbursement with Claim Maker