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Our Partners are Part of Our Strength

Even industry experts with nearly three decades in the business need partners to strengthen their knowledge and enhance their offerings. The ACE team has built a network of trusted partners that enables us to access additional resources and ensure our clients get the expertise they need. Our carefully vetted partners align with our intentional approach to provide you the straight talk required to thrive in the no-nonsense world of compliance.

Learn more about some of our partners below.

MSN Healthcare Solutions

MSN Healthcare Solutions is headquartered in Columbus, Georgia, and has 25 years of experience in Anesthesia Revenue Cycle Management. They partner with practices to help optimize billing revenue and mitigate compliance risk. What separates MSN from their competitors is integrity and transparency in everything that they do. This may be why their client and employee retention rates are so far above industry norms. MSN has a “family owned and operated” feel, while still providing top-notch national expertise. They also have their own Qualified Clinical Data Registry for clients to report MIPS and help to create new anesthesia measures. Bo Trotter has been the single owner since the company’s inception in 1996. For more information about how MSN can help your practice, please call 1-800-889-8610 or visit the MSN website at

The Health Law Partners, P.C.

The Health Law Partners, P.C., provides its clients with informed, innovative, and solution-oriented counsel that minimizes risk and exposure while maximizing results. Abby Pendleton, HLP founding partner, is also a key partner for ACE. Abby and the HLP team specialize in: Government Investigation Defense and Civil False Claims/Qui Tam Defense Compliance and Regulatory Guidance Audit Defense Stark Law and Anti-kickback Analysis and Guidance Corporate Transactions and Health Care Litigation.

Vicki Myckowiak, a long-time ACE partner, is now part of the Health Law Partners. Vicki has been a staunch advocate for anesthesia and chronic pain providers for over 35 years. She focuses her law practice on working with anesthesia and chronic pain providers across the country in all areas relating to health care law.

Visit Abby or Vicki at

Judith Jurin Semo, PLLC

Judy specializes in working with physicians, primarily anesthesiologists, to address business-related legal issues. Judy's experience ranges from contract review and negotiations to regulatory requirements and compliance, and from Medicare Part B billing compliance to business transactions and disputes.

Visit Judy at

Anesthesia Resources

Based in Marietta, Georgia, Anesthesia Resources strives to go beyond offering service lines and commodity products. To do this they’ve built upon their years of experience to develop capabilities that bring value and give clients access to the resources and expertise they need most.  Their services include anesthesia revenue cycle management, facility billing compliance, anesthesia contract assessment and strategic alliances. 

Visit Anesthesia Resources at