Anesthesia & Pain Management Compliance Auditors

Reimbursement Review

In today’s environment every dollar counts, every practice needs a watchdog that ensures that managed care contracts are followed, co-pays are collected and collection activity is done is a timely and effective manner.  Many hospital agreements require a outside look at collections when stipends are involved.

ACE works independently to ensure that billing companies or your own staff are doing everything legally possible to collect money owed to your practice. We perform a reimbursement review that incorporates education and training for your entire staff.  ACE will work with you and your staff to educate them on how to effectively collect the dollars you have earned, unlike third party billing agencies who may offer these services for free just to get in the door. Get an objective opinion and hold billing personnel accountable by having a reimbursement review.

Outsourcing your billing function requires a special oversight responsibility from physicians. Not only do you want to be sure that they are submitting your claims correctly, it is also important to insure that you are getting paid properly for the services that you perform.

In recent reimbursement audits, we have found numerous errors resulting in physicians not being compensated correctly. These audits focus on reviewing accounts receivable reports, contracts, explanations of benefits and denials received from the claims files.

Holding billing companies accountable is an important element in your compliance activities.