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Auditing for Compliance and Education, Inc. consultants have been authorities on billing, coding, documentation, compliance, and reimbursement issues in the field of anesthesia and pain management for many years.  Our consultants have been featured as speakers at various national conferences to share their expertise and provide education to the personnel within this specialty.  Our Consultants provide our customers and conference attendees with the latest information and training available.

ACE, Inc. is comprised of 7 Consultants, 23 coders, and additional corporate staff.  Below you will find a brief bio for each of our core coding staff and consultants.  For additional info, please visit Our Company page.

Interested in joining our Consulting Team?

An ACE Consultant must have at least 10 years of relevant experience, be a certified coder (or possess an equivalent certification), be willing to travel, and be considered an “expert” in the field of anesthesia and pain management compliance. Click here to tell us about your experience.

Donna Schlemmer

Compliance Auditor &
Reimbursement Specialist

Devona Slater

ACE President &
Sr. Compliance Auditor

Kayla Lee

Vice President
Sales & Client Relations

Susan West

Compliance Auditor &
Internal Review Specialist

Lynette Peterson

Compliance Auditor &
Technology Specialist

Judi Blaszczyk

Compliance Auditor &
Education Specialist

Amelia Dinh

Vice President
Compliance Operations
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