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ACE ALERT: Medical Direction Elements

View this email in your browser ACE Alert, April 28 2021, Volume 18 Anesthesia Groups Reviewing Medical Direction Elements for Compliance is Essential In December, the OIG announced a settlement involving the University Medical Associates of The Medical University of South Carolina (UMSC) costing the group $81,000.00.  The OIG alleged that UMSC submitted claims for anesthesia

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ACE ALERT: Production Coding Partnership

View this email in your browser ACE Alert, April 14 2021, Volume 16  Production Coding Partnership When you outsource your coding to ACE you get an expert partnership! ACE coders have years of experience coding anesthesia!  Benefits of our production coding partnership: Monthly education of coders Internal quarterly audit process on every coder ensuring 90%

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ACE ALERT: New National Facet Policies

View this email in your browser ACE Alert, April 14, 2021, Volume 15 New National Facet Policies Update As many of you are aware, there has been a push by the CMS contractors to have the same policies across all jurisdictions.  Well, the new facet policy is here and is being rolled out by many of

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ACE ALERT: Asking for Insights

View this email in your browser ACE Alert, April 7, 2021, Volume 14 2021 ACE Insights Survey   As we look into the remaining three quarters of 2021, we’d like to gather some insights to tailor our information to ensure we are getting you, our subscribers, the updates you are looking for.  If you are willing

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ACE ALERT: Holding Payors Accountable

View this email in your browser ACE Alert, March 31, 2021, Volume 13 CMS UPDATE!  MLN Connects Newsletter   Temporary Claims Hold Pending Congressional Action to Extend 2% Sequester Reduction Suspension Click for the Update Holding Payors Accountable By ACE Auditor: Donna Schlemmer The most effective way to hold payors accountable begins with letting technology work

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ACE helps you have confidence in your coding

View this email in your browser ACE Alert, March 24, 2021, Volume 12 ACE CODING SERVICES Whether you are a coder or you oversee coding in your practice, we understand the importance of getting it right! If you need full-service production coding assistance our team is available. Outsourcing your coding needs with the ACE team as your partner,

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