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ACE ALERT 10/14/2019

Case Settlement reinforces the importance of medical direction documentation. The US Department of Justice in the Western District of Michigan announced last Thursday that a settlement had been reached regarding claims billed as medically directed anesthesia services that did not meet the regulatory requirements and conditions of payment for billing those services as medically directed. 

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Denial Management Can Be Improved with Correct Coding

Denial Management Can Be Improved With Correct Coding It has been reported by several medical practice management resources that billing denial rates range from five to ten percent with better performers averaging around four percent. All practices would agree that additional effort to resolve claims cost money and it has been estimated that the average

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Global Period Reporting

Remember July 1, 2017 99024 – CMS Requires Reporting Post Op Visits within Global Periods Beginning July 1, 2017 the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) requires practitioners in the following 9 states to report post-operative visits provided during the global surgical period for specified procedures.  The specific states effected are: Florida Kentucky Louisiana

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UDS Update

Oops they did it again!   ACE has been notified by several clients in different areas of the country that the new lab codes (CPT 80305, 80306 and 80307) are denying.  In reviewing the 2017 Clinical Laboratory Fee Schedule for CMS, the code is listed but it does not appear on the fee schedule with

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Helpline Services

We appreciate your business as a client and are happy to help you with any ongoing questions you may have as you strive to meet your compliance goals.  We will gladly respond, free of charge, to any question that doesn’t require additional research.   In the interest of time management for our team, if the

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