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How’s It Going?

View this email in your browser ACE Alert, March 17, 2021, Volume 11 How’s it Going? Evaluation and Management 2021   Judith L. Blaszczyk RN, CPC, ACS-PM, ICDCT-CM We are now in Q3 with putting the 2021 E&M guidelines into practice to document and select the levels for our outpatient/office visits.  The promises made for these

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Confused? We can help!

View this email in your browser Confused? We can help! Do the new 2021 coding guidelines have you feeling confused? You are not alone!  We have received a lot of questions that we plan to address during our ACE Code and Chat event on March 12th. Can we bill an E/M in conjunction with pre-op

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When was the last time you checked?

WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU CHECKED? The Office of Inspector General announced Monday that a self-disclosure reported by the University of South Carolina for upcoding anesthesia services as medically directed when they should have been billed as medical supervision.  The $81,861.43 payback brings to light that every group should be checking to see that

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Get Ready to Work for Less

The CMS Proposed fee schedule was published yesterday, and it is not good news for medical practices.  The proposed 2021 RVU conversion factor is $32.26 (down from $36.09, a reduction of $3.83 per RVU) and the 2021 National anesthesia proposed rate is $19.96 (down from $22.20, a reduction of $2.24 per CF).  While 2020 continues

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ACE Clients:  We want to bring to your attention the following Contractor Advisory Committee Meeting.  This is the first time we have seen a multijurisdictional CAC meeting and it looks like they may be getting ready to issue a national policy.  This will give providers insight into the experts CMS is using and their rationale

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COVID-19 Adaptations Requires Preparation for Practices to Succeed

As Darwin taught us: “It is NOT the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” Things will never be “normal” as you knew it. Understanding the re-opening objectives and knowing how you will be able to monitor this in your own community

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