The People You Trust & The Technologies You Need.

1. HANK RIA: AI-Powered Revenue Integrity Audit

  • An audit of your entire year or more of anesthesia medical claims. You will receive unmatched analytics and action plans to identify and remediate revenue leaks, maximize collections, and improve stipend defense.

2. HANK Services

  • Compliance auditing where our experts will take a look at a full date of service and your group will receive detailed results showing your group where risk areas are regarding coding, documentation, and reimbursement. 
  • In addition, our team will educate your providers and staff with a custom-built action plan to work that needs to be addressed and how to do it. 

3. HANK Claim Maker

  • Reconciliation and missing cases can cause a loss in revenue! If you use the Claim Maker integrated with your anesthesia coding you will automate document indexing, reconciliation, data entry, and charge entry. 

Don’t wait any longer to grab the reins before your compliance and coding get western, let the HANK team help you! 



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