Get to know Amelia Dinh

Compassionate, funny and intelligent are three words that Amelia Dinh’s friends and family members would use to describe her. 

After obtaining her degree in Chemistry, Amelia worked for many years in Quality Assurance and Research and Development before joining the ACE team in April 2016. While at ACE, her primary focus has been standardizing and streaming coding operations to offer the best in class coding services.

Shortly after joining the ACE team, Amelia completed her certified coding license and positioned herself as a specialist under Devona Slater, ACE’s distinguished past president and founder. Amelia’s most enjoyable part of her job is learning different communication techniques to help others succeed in their role. 

Amelia has been instrumental in arranging a workflow system for the ACE team. This system allows the coding team to complete over 50,000 cases per month, which has been valuable in coordinating expectations across coding services and is highly efficient.  

The cooler temperatures of fall, open windows, Sunday football games and the smell of chili simmering in the crockpot are a few reasons Amelia’s favorite season is fall. Outside work, she enjoys playing with her children, baking sweet treats and having a glass of wine while watching television. 

Amelia had aspirations to be a baker at a young age, but she always found the medical field interesting. Amelia believes she has the best of both worlds by being able to help providers and patients without dealing with too much science. 

Some advice Amelia would give to her younger self would be to pursue things that interest you and don’t be afraid to fail or fall. 

If you’d like to work with Amelia and our coding team, please feel free to reach out and set up a call at aceadmin@aceauditors.com.

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